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Screen Filler - 237ml Bottle

This non-toxic, water-based, screen filler is used to blockout those areas you do not wish to print. Can also be used for the "Tusche - resist" or positive method in conjunction with Speedball Screen Drawing Fluid.

Screen Drawing Fluid - 237mm Bottle

This non-toxic, waterbased liquid has been designed for use with Speedball Screen Filler in the "Tusche - resist" or "Positive" methods of screen printing. It is applied with a paint brush over the area of the image required to be printed and allowed to dry. The screen is then coated with Screen Filler and allowed to dry. The drawing fluid is then washed from the screen with cold water to create the positive image to be printed with either water or solvent based inks.


Highly effective screen cleaner. Apply to both sides of the screen and scrub and repeat. Use hot water and a nylon brush for a quick and easy result.
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