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Coates Willow Charcoals

Charcoal is a fabulous drawing medium for large, bold, expressive works, which you can also obtain very subtle shading and fine lines.

Chunky Charcoal

Large sticks of charcoal, ideal for large and bold work. 18mm diametre, 80mm long

Chunky Graphite

Large sticks of graphite 18mm diametre

White Charcoal Sticks

High quality, finely ground, compressed white charcoal

Derwent XL Tinted Charcoal

Large coloured charcoal blocks, watersoluble. Tin of 6 - ochre, sanguine, sepia, violet, black and white. Each block is 20x20x60mm

Derwent XL Tinted Graphite

Large coloured graphite blocks, watersoluble. Tin of 6 - olive green, dark prussian, raw umber, burnt umber, soft graphite and very soft graphie. Each block is 20x20x60mm
(6 items) 1 page

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