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Cray Pas Special Oils Set of 12

Square-ended oil pastels. Non-toxic.

Cray Pas Expressionist Set of 25


Mungyo Oil Pastels Set of 24


Derivan Oil Pastels Set of 12

This assortment of oil pastels feature lightfast colours and even pigmentation. They are easy to handle and provide smooth blending textures of bright and vivid colours. Formulated with quality pigments, waxes and oils. Oil Pastels are dust-free and soluble in turpentine. It allows you to create subtle translucent effects or achieve flowing washes of colour.These oil pastels can be used not only on paper and board but also on canvas or wood.

JacksonRicheson Oil Set of 25

Soft, easy to blend and resistant to crumbling, these pastels are suitable for artists and students both.

Cray Pas Special Oils Set of 25

Square-ended oil pastels. Non-toxic.
(6 items) 1 page

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